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The high street shops have definitely marginalised Ladies and girls with long feet. Even the few that try and make an effort to stock large sizes end up offering ugly styles in boring colours. Are they trying to tell us something here or are we not worthy of wearing fabulous shoes too?

A lady's worst nightmare is when she has a drop dead gorgeous outfit but ends up having to wear shoes not fit for purpose to go with it. As Marilyn Monroe once said "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!"

It is proven that generations are getting taller and with that they have larger feet but it seems the High Street refuses to accept this. Many times you go into a shoe shop and ask for any size larger than an 8 the shop assistants looks at you and you can tell that in their minds they are thinking "Are you for Real?

Our vision at LFB is to offer stylish, fashionable, comfortable good quality shoes for Ladies with Long Feet in UK sizes 8 to 11. In short we are putting our heart to it so we can be your "Sole Provider"